Anabel's Lounge

Client: Anabel Bieco  |  Project date: June 2014  |  Role: Brand Designer |  Project type: Brand identity, email marketing @ZOOCHA DIGITAL DESIGN AGENCY


Anabel's Lounge - feminine, but not too girly, approachable and fun but not too familiar, simple but with a vintage touch, home made but high quality.



Anabel is very passionate about organising super clubs and bringing different people together. Anabel's had an idea to create a small community of likeminded people,  who share a passion for quality food. She wanted to create an experience were people can meet others, socialise, enjoy tasty food and immerse themselves in fun activities.

Anabel's supper clubs take place at her home and have different theme each month. Anabel spends a lot of time thinking about all the smallest details to make sure dinners have unique experience each time.

Brand direction was shaped to reflect the nature of super clubs: personable, friendly, home made, tasty, cosy, fun and comfortable. The inspiration for the brand came from vintage tea parties and house number plaques. Creating a mood board helped me to define the direction of the brand.  


It's all in the shape. 

The logo of the brand was inspired by house number plaques. To decide the right style and shape for the logo I've looked for inspiration around me - explored various places and captured all the signs I could find.


You are invited

While the main communication between Anabele and her dinners happens online, invitations are usually sent via post. Print material adds a personal touch to the brand and helps to maintain closer relationships with the existing customers.


News & updates

Email is the main communication source for Anabel and her customers. From newsletters to event updates emails utilise colourful and playful imagery keeping content to a minimum.



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