How fitness mindset can help you become unstoppable!


Fitness mindset sees life as a journey rather than a destination. Once I really began to understand and develop my concept of a “fitness mindset” I was able to achieve and maintain my goals. 

I've started training quite intensely since I was 14 years old. I've tried many different diets and training plans and always ended up at the same place - seeing results, but not being able to maintain them for a long time. Only about five months ago when I met my personal trainer Kevin and started training with him I was able to understand what was my biggest mistake - not having the right mindset. Yes! Its not about diet or extensive training. In five months time I was able to achieve more than I've ever did in a few years time. Kevin helped me to develop fitness mindset that allowed me to push myself and achieve results while still enjoying normal life. Here are the lessons I've learned so far.


Develop a strong 'why power'

Instead of focusing on HOW you are going to achieve your goals, you need to think about WHY you want to achieve them. Your reasons needs to be based on motivations that come from inside - they need to be based on personal satisfaction, rather than extrinsic motivations that require validation by others or have an external reward. The danger of relying on external motivations to sustain you, is that when you don’t receive the response you expected, you lose your motivation and quit. My 'WHY POWER' was born when I realised that I want to take control of my personal and work life, become more confident, and stronger person who lives the life she loves. No more complaining, no more excuses, no more hating Monday mornings. Whatever is you are struggling with - job, money, body, health, relationships - it all can be changed if you know WHY you want them to change.


Overcome 'stinking thinking'

'Stinking thinking' is the voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough and that you won’t ever be good enough. It points out all your past mistakes and makes you label yourself a 'failure'.

Even today I battle with stinking thinking, but positive thinking, being present and grateful for things I have today help me battle negative thoughts. I am learning to focus on the next 24 hours and don't think about past or future too often. All we have is now, right? So why get upset about something that happened in the past or worry too much where you are hoping to be in a five years time. 


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world - Buddah


Stay true to yourself

So many people complain about their job, physique, money or life in general. Countless times I've heard people replying 'its not that easy' when I asked them why they are doing something they are not enjoying? Well...Have the self-respect and confidence to live life on your terms. When something isn’t right in your life, change it.

When it comes to training, not everyone enjoys lifting weights, running or doing yoga. What I realised long time ago is that it is hard to excel in things that you don't enjoy doing, let alone find motivation to do them in the first place. Personally, I hate doing any type of cardio (well, except swimming!) so I don't do it. I used to do cardio every other day because I thought I had to if i wanted to achieve my goals. Turns out - completely not true! These days,  I only lift heavy weights, and enjoy every minute of it! Being able to enjoy training sessions means that I don't have to find motivation to do it or push myself. It all comes naturally. My advise is simple - go, find what you enjoy doing and have fun while doing it! Its that simple!


Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life - Joyce Meyer


Developing a fitness mindset will help see life as a journey, rather than a bunch of destinations. Once you truly understand that, you begin to realise that the joy is in the journey. You begin to focus on the process rather than the goal, celebrate your small successes and to look at your obstacles and mistakes as challenges rather than failures.  Developing a fitness mindset can be the difference between success and failure on your journey to whatever you want to achieve in your life.