Creating side projects while traveling


May 2017, on the plane to Indonesia for my second solo trip. Excited to be on the road again, didn't realise then that it will be totally different experience that I was planning initially. 

This trip was purely an escape from busy and never sleeping London (or so what I thought!). No email checking, no freelance work, no planning, just experiencing different culture, meeting new people and visiting new places.

From the first glance Bali is super touristy place what makes it harder to experience authentic culture and local lifestyle. Despite of that I decided to try find local people to hang around with and get to know a bit more about culture and people living there.

It was really upsetting to find out that majority of people Ive met have never travelled around Indonesia themselves (let alone travelled abroad). Getting to know more about the culture and lifestyle of local people made me realise how lucky I am to be able to travel around the world! Also, how materialistic London is and majority of Londoners on wrong things too much. 

Majority of people I met in Bali were surviving purely on tourism - running tours, providing transport or accommodation. However, so many of small businesses have online presence and marketing of their services is non existent. With such a high competition word of mouth didn't feel sufficient enough. While I was not planing to do any work during this trip I felt that little contribution of my skills could help a lot for an individuals running their businesses and struggling to find enough clients.

In three weeks while I was there, Ive helped two locals set up their websites and social media presence to attract new clients from abroad. While its not work that contributed to my income, i got some pretty awesome local tips and tours off the beaten track, as well as made really good friends.

I am so grateful for being able to travel the world and contribute at the same time.

Success is definitely the best when you can give back and help others!

Thanks for reading!