Mr Funk's Chair

Client: Mr Funk  |  Project date: March 2017  |  Role: Brand/Website Designer |  Project type: Brand identity, website design; freelance project


Mr Funk's Chair - a new kind of chair. Iconic, unique, elegant, functional and a little bit funky. Design is internationally registered which means that you won’t find this chair anywhere else!



E-commerce site, with branding, for the latest original piece of furniture designed by the fantastic Mr Funk.


Showcasing the product

Entirely unique in size, shape, structure and comfort of seat, Mr Funk created a chair to inspire and enable fun for family, friends and creatures of all shapes and sizes. The design embraces pure unadulterated style, simplicity, and functionality. 

Can checking out the Mr Funk's Chair online be as exciting as owning it? Probably not, but I certainly tried.


Building a better shopping cart

For a successful e-commerce site, the shopping cart is an essential piece of the puzzle. I designed a “shopping bag” that doesn’t get in your way while you’re shopping, but slides out from the left when you need it.


Building a better shopping experience

Combining shopping cart and checkout page into one step so users don't have to go back and forth if they need to edit shopping cart.


Goes everywhere.

From handheld to desktop, the Mr Funk's Chair website is optimised for the screen of your choice.


Designed for creatures of all shapes and sizes


Have a question? Mr Funk is here to help you!


Brand direction

The brief was to create a brand that is simple, stylish, unique, and funky - exact representation of the designer's piece.

As the product itself is made of pure wood and is focused on ergonomics and its functionality we wanted the brand to reflect this.



It's all about the shape

Letters in the Mr Funk's Chair's logo is a reference to the shape, design and style of the chair itself. The process included exploring and conceptualising the shape of the chair to find the best way to showcase chair's design and personality in the logo. 



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